Energy & Natural Resources

The law relating to natural resources can present numerous complexities and potential minefields. The Energy & Natural Resources section of Hornberger Fuller & Garza Incorporated successfully negotiates these waters for its clients because of the depth and breadth of the firm’s experience in oil & gas, mining and production issues. The firm’s expertise is based on years of successful representation in the industry. It would be challenging to find a team more dedicated and focused on your energy and resources related legal needs.


The firm’s oil and gas practice offers the full spectrum of representation from surface and mineral owners to major oil companies. Our attorneys possess specialized knowledge of oil and gas law. We advise clients on a broad range of oil and gas issues including:

  • Oil and gas lease transactions.
  • Surface use agreements.
  • Pipeline rights of way and easements.
  • Participation in areas of mutual interests.
  • Assets purchases and sales.
  • Farm-out agreements.
  • Review of title instruments.
  • Mineral deeds and assignments.
  • Exploration agreements.
  • Exploitation agreements.
  • Joint operating agreements.
  • Oilfield service agreements.
  • Hydraulic fracturing.
  • Royalties and revenue interests.
  • Environmental issues.
  • Secured and unsecured liens.

Related Litigation

We represent clients in a wide array of disputes that arise in the normal course of business. Comprehensive industry knowledge combined with years of courtroom experience has produced successful results for our clients. Over the past several years, we have successfully litigated and resolved issues involving:

  • Breach of implied and express covenants.
  • Failure to develop, market and protect against drainage.
  • Bad faith pooling and unitization.
  • Statue of frauds issues.
  • Title disputes.
  • Joint operating agreement disputes.
  • Drainage claims.
  • Producing well damage claims.
  • Termination of oil and gas leases.
  • Price redetermination claims.
  • Production in paying quantities claims.
  • Environmental claims.
  • Surface damages claims.
  • Appeals from the Railroad Commission and other state and federal agency decisions.
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David Jed Williams
Stephanie Curette