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Ty Hunter Sheehan

On Tuesday, August 19, Ty Hunter Sheehan, Shareholder with HFG, presented to the San Antonio Young Lawyers Association during their August luncheon. He spoke about “Negotiating Representations and Warranties When Buying or Selling a Business (or real property).” A copy of his presentation can accessed here: Sliding Scale or Representations and Warranties – Negotiating Reps and…(Read More)

Legal Agreement

Employers who want to restrict competition of employees after they leave employment must clearly state the time and scope of the restriction or risk having an unenforceable agreement. The Dallas Court of Appeals in Dale v. Hoschar recently reminded employers that covenants not to compete are unenforceable if they do not contain a reasonable time…(Read More)

Texas Supreme Court Building

Samson v. Hook

Texas Supreme Court reviews Landowners’ Duty to Investigate Texas Railroad Commission Filings The Texas Supreme Court will review whether the statute of limitations expired on landowners’ claims against their operator. How the Texas Supreme Court rules may have significant future implications on a landowner’s duty to investigate records filed with the Texas Railroad Commission…(Read More)