Conveyances – Recent Developments

Firm shareholder Ty Hunter Sheehan was a speaker at the 41st Annual State Bar of Texas Real Estate Law seminar held in San Antonio July 11-13, 2019. Ty spoke on the topic “Conveyances – Recent Developments” and provided the attendees with an overview of a recent problematic appeals court case related to conveyances, a brief overview of commonly used deeds and protective provisions which may be incorporated into deeds to limit grantor liability, drafting tips related to establishing reservations from conveyances, and clarity as to the difference between quitclaim deeds and deeds without warranty, whether landlords are entitled to unreasonably withhold the consent to an assignment of a lease, and whether a right of first refusal may be circumvented by the conveyance of interests in an owner entity. Attendees were also provided with a paper, co-authored by firm associate, Wesley Williams, entitled “Conveyances – Recent Developments, Deeds, ReserConveyances – Recent Developments, Deeds, Reservations, and Exceptions, and Things I Have to Look Up Every Four Yearsvations, and Exceptions, and Things I Have to Look Up Every Four Years.”

Ty represents companies, partnerships, and individuals in business, commercial real estate, and securities transactions, and has experience facilitating stock and asset acquisitions and sales of all sizes as well as corporate finance and venture capital investment matters. He represents developers and equity investors in the acquisition, financing, development, leasing, and sale of commercial properties throughout Texas as well as farm and ranch transactions. He also has extensive experience facilitating private placement offerings in various business arenas, including in energy, midstream assets, real estate and the life sciences arenas.

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